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The Art of Visual Notetaking

A comprehensive guide to visual communication and sketchnoting

Learn the perfect skill for journaling, meetings, and everything in between.‚Äč

The Art of Visual Notetaking is your go-to guide for taking notes in the 21st century.

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The book launches on January 21, 2019.

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Visual notetaking is the perfect skill for any setting where retaining information is key. Also referred to as sketchnoting, visual notetaking is ideal for documenting processes, planning projects, outlining ideas, and capturing information. And as you'll learn in The Art of Visual Notetaking, this approach doesn't require advanced drawing or hand-lettering skills; anyone can learn how to use simple lines, connectors, shapes, and text to take dynamic notes.

In The Art of Visual Notetaking, aspiring sketchnoters and journalers will find helpful instruction and how-to techniques, tips, and tutorials that focus on visual notetaking for different settings, from a business meeting, workshop, or convention, to a college lecture or sermon.

About the author: Emily Mills is a freelance illustrator, professional visual notetaker for The Sketch Effect, and teaches online sketchnoting classes at SketchnoteAcademy.com. Every lesson and exercise shared in this book comes from her experience in the field capturing visual notes for clients and teaching workshops all over the country. Emily lives just outside Nashville, TN with her husband, Joseph.

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